Ice people

Symbol of the Ice People

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The Ice People of the Far-North are one of the five original nationalities to live in Eidennad. They live on an icy, mountainous island, Voreia, past the northern quarter of the land. In the time of the ice age, the Ice People moved further north than the Ash Dwellers, and the land was broken from an earthquake, sending them further out to sea. As time passed by, the other families decided they musn't have lived. Voreia later became a subject to superstition among the rest of Eidennad.


The Ice People live on an icy, mountainous island called Voreia past the northern quarter of Eidennad.

Ice location

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The Ice People have pale white skin, grey eyes and white, feathery hair. These characteristics come from living in the cold for so long.


  • The Ice People were originally called the Voranians, and personified polar-bears who did not like to get caught up in the happenings of the rest of the land