There are several different nationalities in the land of Eidennad. There are the five original nations, and the foreign Vinco.


During an ice age, five different families lived in the centre of Eidennad together in a small community. When a huge storm, due to an inbalance of nature, struck the land, all five families fled to different locations for safety.

A small mass of land at the northmost point broke away during an earthquake, one of the families still upon it. After the ice age ceased, the families adapted to their respective locations - a forest, a river system, a canyon and a volcano - and created separate nations that worked together. When nature was in balance again, a small, mixed group was sent to look for the last family on the land that broke away. The group came back bearing the news that it was not possible that the family could have survived, because the island was nothing but freezing temperatures and icy mountains.

Soon after the nations flourished, they decided they needed an authority. The Council was established, and included two members from each nation: a young one - for creativity and open-mindedness - and an elder - for wisdom and balance. The Council met in the heart of Eidennad, where their ancestors lived. They re-established the village and named it the Trivium.

For a long time, Eidennad lived peacefully with the Council as their leaders. Everything changed when a different nationality came to the land. The Vinco came from a distant land, which they had destroyed, to Eidennad and requested hospitality, which was granted. The Vinco were taken into the Trivium and treated as guests. Soon, other Vinco were let into Eidennad. Eventually, the Vinco overthrew and killed the Council and took over the Trivium.

With their leaders gone, the nations were left confused, and the Vinco manipulated them and forced the nations to follow them.

Unknown to the Vinco, one of the Council members eluded them and escaped. They gather some of the more powerful people in Eidennad and create a new council, designed to take back their land.

List of nationalitiesEdit


  • There were originally going to be eight different nationalities, including the Vinco. The extra two were Lykotions (meant to personify dogs) and the CHANGE NEW NAME WHEN GET IT Ice people were split into two different nationalities
  • All of the nationalities were, at first, going to be based on an animal, and have physical and personal associations with that animal. This idea was scrapped as it ended up being to complicated and naive