The Wind Soarers of the East live in the tree tops in the eastern quarter of the land, and are one of the four original nationalities of Eidennad.


The Wind Soarers live in the eastern quarter of Eidennad, which is mainly forest. They live in houses in the tree tops, connected by both branches and bridges. The people rarely come down to the ground, as they get most of their resources from the trees and by using other systems.

Wind Soarers location

Location on map


The Wind Soarers are petite people with pale, slanted blue eyes and olive skin.


  • The Wind Soarers were originally called Alesians, derived from the the Latin word ales, meaning winged
  • In parellel to WWII, the Wind Soarers were, at first, supposed to represent the gypsies
  • The Wind Soarers also were supposed to personify winged animals, before the animal idea was scrapped